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Posted: 26th June 2017 by Elizabeth

I thought it would be pretty cool to start a regular list of little things that have made my days happier or easier. Sometimes it’s eating a packet of salt and vinegar chips. Other times it’s deciding not to wear a bra (a.k.a the iron cage), or getting to bed super early to read soothing articles on The Mighty.

So, here are some things that helped me to fight the frazzle in the last week or two.

Instant Noodles

Sometimes I have zero desire to cook dinner, or even the appetite to think about it. Never fear! Good old instant noodles are the slurpy lifesaver in this situation. These mushroom-flavoured noodles by Woolies are a step up from the two-minute noodles of my youth: there’s no added MSG, they’re low-fat and they actually taste like something that’s meant to be edible.

Wearing two pair of socks

It’s Winter here in Cape Town and my feet are cold. Two pairs of socks? It’s damn perfect.

Mac Crème Cup

An amazing friend introduced me Mac’s Creme Cup and it’s just glorious. Not only does it smell like vanilla cupcakes, this gorgeous neutral pink shade flatters most complexions and feels deliciously creamy. If you get your paws on some, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll become your favourite happy-making lipstick.

Henry’s Cake by Temples

Temples are one of my favourite bands at the moment. Henry’s Cake is a dreamy tune that sends me into a little psychedelic bubble that I’m quite happy to float away in.

This video by Aaron’s Animals



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