We all need some #BoringSelfCare

Posted: 13th June 2017 by Elizabeth

Do you follow Hannah Daisy on Instagram? She’s a wonderful illustrator and mental health occupational therapist who has introduced a meaningful hashtag to Instagram: #BoringSelfCare.

When you’re down or feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to do even the simplest of things: eat breakfast, reply to an email or make the bed (heck, just getting out of bed can be hard). Hannah’s illustrations celebrate how completing a mundane task can be a small victory when you’re battling mental illness. It’s a wonderfully kind and inspiring series that feels like a much-needed hug or pat on the back as we face day-to-day challenges.


Check out her account, makedaisychains, for some¬†#BoringSelfCare love. If you’re feeling low or just a bit swamped by the pressures of life, check out some of my ideas on how to give yourself some love.


Illustrations credit: Hannah Daisy

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